Reservation procedures / Refund policy and precautions
★ Be sure to check the availability before purchasing a ticket. Please purchase after confirmation. ★


Check the availability

(e-mail or live chat message)

Please confirm the availability

before purchase.

Purchase a ticket

Select your confirmed

date and time and age

when making a reservation.

★ Please write down the fixed date and time ★

Reservation confirmed

(A voucher will be sent

by email or text.)

Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes

prior to your departure time!

Please simply tell our staff

the name of the person your reservation is under.


※ If you fail to present your ARC or Passport in physical or photo form, delay of reservation and refunds will not be granted.

★ You must bring 1 form of ID to board 

"Please Show Your ID Card"

[A photo or copy of your ID is also acceptable.]

※ For minors (children and teenagers), the guardian’s ID card will be substituted if you are unable to bring the physical document on the day.

※ You can present your driver’s license, resident registration card, medical insurance card, or passport instead If you are not able to present your ID on the day.

Permitted ID

[Adults] Driver’s license, resident registration card, passport, etc.

[Infants ~ Teenagers] Parental identification, medical insurance card, family relationship certificate, etc.

Refund & Cancelation

5 days prior
3 days prior
1 days prior
Day of the tour

※ In the case that a weather advisory alert(wind warning / typhoon warning) is issued, a full refund will be provided or guests can reschedule their tour free of charge.

(Light to medium rain is not cause for cancellation or change)

※ Changes to date and time of your tour can be requested up to 3 days prior to the date of departure. You may change just once.

(In the case we cannot rebook to your desired date and time based on availability, we will be unable to offer a refund and the original booking will remain unchanged)

※ If you are unable to board due to non-observance of boarding time or due to not presenting your ID, refunds and changes will not be permitted.

Please be sure to check in early and bring ID for each and every passenger.


3 steps of how to make a reservation


How to check-in

in 3 steps (On your tour date)


You must bring 1 form of ID to board Please Show Your ID


5 days prior

3 days prior
1 days prior
Day of the tour NON REFUNDABLE

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